Multiple-point Geostatistical Modeling

Relevant Papers: Fast Wavelet-based simulation , Multiple-scale simulation , Pattern-based simulation , CDF-based simulation , PCA-based simulation

Mineral Resource Estimation

Relevant Papers: Gravel resource estimation, Placer gold resource estimation, Platinum resource estimation, Resource estimation of Lead Copper deposit , Iron resource estimation , Limestone resource estimation

Mine Planning Optimization

Relevant Papers: Pit Optimization under price uncertainty, Ultimate pit limit under ore grade uncertainty, Ore waste classification, Optimization of copper mine

Computer vision in mineral industry

Relevant Papers: Rock type classification, Online quality monitoring of limestone, Ore grade modeling of iron, lithological classification of limestone

Health, Safety, and Reliability in Mining

Relevant Papers: Injury modeling under uncertainty, Reliability modeling of mining machine, Structural equation modeling for work injury determination , Reliability of load-haul-dump machine

Numerical modeling and flow through porous media

Relevant Papers: Subsurface flow solute transport simulations, Subsurface flow simulations, Reservoir Modeling , Reservoir Spatial Heterogeneity Modeling