Functions and Modules

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Functions and Modules
Designing Functions
Functions Examples
Common Problems
Using Functions
Argument Association
Where Do My Functions Go?
Scope Rules
Programming Examples:
Computing Cubes
Computing Means - Revisited
Cm and Inch Conversion
Heron'a Formula for Computing Triangle Area - Revisited
Computing the Combinatorial Coefficient
Computing Square Roots with Newton's Method
Designing a Greatest Common Divisor Function
Finding All Prime Numbers in the Range of 2 and N - Revisited
The Bisection (Bozano) Equation Solver
A Brief Introduction to Modules
What is a Module?
How to Use a Module?
Compile Programs with Modules
Programming Example 1: Factorial and Combinatorial Coefficient
Programming Example 2: Trigonometric Functions Using Degree
A Little Privacy - PUBLIC/PRIVATE
External Functions and Interface Blocks
Interface Blocks
Programming Example 1: Cm and Inch Conversion
Programming Example 2: Heron'a Formula for Computing Triangle Area
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