Taking Photographs

Here is a general procedure for taking images:

Turn the mode dial to the OFF position; /* see Dials and Buttons */
Insert battery; /* see Inserting Battery */
Insert CompactFlash card; /* see Compact Flash Memory Card */
Turn the mode dial to the A position; /* see Dials and Buttons */
while (there are more images to take) {
    Compose, and focus; /* you are using the Program Mode */

Press the shutter release button all the way down; /* see Dials and Buttons */
Turn the mode dial to the PLAY position;
Browse your work; /* review your work: Playback */
Turn the mode dial to the OFF position; /* see Dials and Buttons */

Some Important Notes

  • Always pay attention to the battery icon on the control panel. If it blinks, prepare to change battery.

  • When the flash indicator (see the image below) next to the viewfinder blinks, illumination is insufficient for a good exposure. In this case, you should activate the on-camera flash. Please refer to The On-Camera Flash for the details.

  • When shooting images continuously using the on-camera flash, the camera becomes warm. This is normal; however, the camera will stop working if it is too warm. In this case, please turn the camera off, wait for a few minutes, and then turn it back on again. The camera should work; otherwise, turn it off again and wait for more minutes.

  • It may happen occasionally that you simply cannot turn the camera off. Should this happen, open the battery bay cover or disconnect the external power. Then, close the battery bay cover or reconnect external power.

What If You Don't Want the Image You Just Take?

It is always possible that you do not want to keep the image you just took. You can certainly delete it later. Please refer to Basic Playback for the details. However, there is a simple way to delete the image immediately after it is taken. Right after the shutter release button is released to take an image, that image will be shown on the LCD monitor for a short period of time while the camera is saving it to the CompactFlash card. While this image is still on the monitor, press the focus mode button:

The following screen appears, asking you for confirmation:

If you do not want to delete this image, just press the right arrow of the multi-selector and the camera returns to normal shooting operation. If you really want to delete that image, press the down arrow of the multi-selector to highlight Yes, followed by the right arrow to select. Then, the image will be deleted and the camera returns to normal shooting operation.

The Quick Review Mode

What if you wish to review your work while you are still in a shooting mode? It is easy to do: Just press the QUICK button. This will bring the camera to the Quick Review mode without turning the mode dial to PLAY. This is a very handy feature. Please refer to The Quick Review Mode for the details.