Welcome to my home page. I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Michigan Tech working on Algorithms and Data Structures. I am particularly interested in geometric data structures, algorithms on strings, and compressed data structures. Most of my research is on Algorithms Theory, but I am also interested in implementations. See my DBLP page and Google Scholar for a full list of my publications or scroll down for a subjective list of my recent personal favorites. A brief description of some current research topics can be found here.
I am looking for motivated students interested in Algorithms and Data Structures.

Recent Program Committees

SPIRE 2013, SPIRE 2014, PODS 2015, LATIN 2016, ICDE 2016, CPM 2016, ICDT 2017, CPM 2018, ICDT 2019, CPM 2019, DCC 2020,
SPIRE 2020, DCC 2021, WADS 2021


Selected Recent Publications


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Yakov Nekrich
Office: Rekhi 311
Email: yakov(at)mtu(dot) edu
Phone: 906-487-2271