Scott Kuhl (CV) is an associate professor of computer science at Michigan Technological University. He received his PhD in computer science from the University of Utah in 2009. His research interests include computer graphics, immersive virtual environments, and space perception. He leads the virtual environment lab in Rekhi and is on a team of researchers using the immersive visualization studio. He is also affiliated with the Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors program and participates in the Center for Computer Systems Research and the ACIA Research Institute of Computing and Cybersystems (ICC).

Dr. Kuhl is the faculty advisor of Husky Game Development Enterprise (HGD) where students develop computer, console and smartphone games for business, education, and fun. They have released an XBox 360 game named Arcane Brawlers. HGD also develops software for the annual BonzAI Brawl. The 2013 BonzAI Brawl was covered by a local television station.