Info. for students: Game Development and Design

Get a Computer Science degree (B.S.) with a concentration in Game Development. Learn how to build compelling and engaging video games using modern techniques and technologies. Students gain hands-on game development and teamwork experience, learn 3D graphics programming, and practice the skills necessary to build the next generation of interactive games. A concentration in game development prepares a student for a career in the game industry and other closely related fields such as software engineering, virtual reality, computing, and visualization. If you are interested in this option, visit the undergraduate degree page on the Computer Science website.

Husky Game Development Enterprise provides undergraduate students with hands-on experience working on a team of students with the goal of releasing video games for consoles, computers, smartphones, and other devices. HGD provides its members with access to a special computer lab for game development. Students learn how to lead, manage, work together, and improve communication. Anybody with programming experience or an interest in digital art is welcome to join Husky Game Development Enterprise any semester while they are at Michigan Tech (except their first semester in their first year). We have an information page for anybody interested in joining. Many HGD games and links to HGD social media pages are available on our website.

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