The Display & Tracing Options Window

The Display & Tracing Options Window provides a way to set various display and tracing options. As shown below, the window is divided into four parts. The first part is to indicate if the options should affect all curves or the current curve. The second part contains 11 display options. The third part provides a short cut for selecting the next curve or the previous curve to be the current curve. Finally, the four part is for closing this window. Clicking on these buttons activate or deactivate the select options. Options selected will be marked with a X. Some buttons are indented. This means those options are activated only if their "parent" options have been activated.

If you want the selected options applied to all curves on the drawing canvas, click on All Curves. Otherwise, the options will be applied to the current curve.

The display options include the following:

Clicking Next Curve and Pre Curve selects the next curve and previous curve to be the current curve. If the current curve is the last (resp., first) curve, the next (resp., previous) curve is the first (resp., last) curve.

Finally, clicking on Dismiss closes this window.