John A. Jaszczak - Mineralogical Publications

"Relationship between structure, morphology, and carbon isotopic composition of graphite in marbles: Implications for calcite-graphite carbon isotope thermometry." M. Satish-Kumar, J. A. Jaszczak, T. Hamamatsu, and H. Wada. American Mineralogist 96 470-485 (2011).

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J. A. Jaszczak, G. W. Robinson, S. Dimovski and Y. Gogotsi,
Carbon 41 2085-2092 (2003).
(Preprint version is available here.)

"Multiple length scale growth spirals on metamorphic graphite {001} s urfaces studied by atomic force microscopy"
J. Rakovan and J. A. Jaszczak, American Mineralogist 87 (2002) 17-24.

"Palache's 'Contributions to the Mineralogy of Sterling Hill:
The 900-Foot Level Revisited." 2000 George F. Kunz Competition Papers.
First Prize winner. Sponsored by the New York Mineralogical Club.
J.A. Jaszczak Matrix: A Journal of the History of Minerals 8 (2000) 137-149; The Picking Table 42 (2001) 6-15.

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