A User Guide to the Surface Subsystem of DesignMentor

Dr. C.-K. Shene

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Michigan Technological University

Program Designed and Implemented by Yan Zhou and Yuan Zhao

© 1997 Yan Zhou, Yuan Zhao and C.-K. Shene

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Last update: January 16, 1999

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A Quick Tour
Creating Surfaces
Working with Multiple Surfaces
Clamped, Open and Closed Surfaces
Tracing the Surface - de Casteljau's and de Boor's Algorithms
Shape Modification
Moving Control Points
Modifying Weights
Moving Knots
Changing Colors
Advanced Features
Knot Insertion
Degree Elevation
Surface Subdivision
Cross-Sectional Design
What is Cross-Sectional Design?
Ruled Surfaces
Surfaces of Revolution
Swung Surfaces
Simple Swept Surfaces
Skinned Surfaces
Using Skinned Surfaces to Design Swept Surfaces
The Drawing Canvas
The Tracing Window
The Partition of Unity Window
The Control Point Update Window
The Control Panel Window
The About Window
The Version Window
Menu Structure
Advanced Features

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